One Week Old

The focus of the Cooperslane breeding program has been to breed the best possible family companions and service dogs. They believe that health and temperament are the most important qualities for companion and service dogs, and so they make these characteristics their highest priorities when selecting dogs for their breeding program and planning their litters. They value good looks too, but appearance is a lower priority than health and temperament.

Cooperslane Kennels select their females for their breeding program from their own litters. They choose females with calm, gentle personalities, ideal for service dogs and family companions. They have a foster program for their females. Furthermore, the females live with their foster families and come back to the kennel when they are in season and to have their puppies. When they retire from the breeding program, they go to live with their foster families full-time. 

Cooperslane Kennels is very particular about the males they select for their breeding program. Their handsome males all have their own unique personalities, but all are excellent examples of the Labrador Retriever breed – gentle disposition, intelligent, always ready to join in on activities, eager to please and wonderful companions. 

Cocoa is one of this year’s litter from Baci and Monroe.


Puppy development week by week is really exciting to watch when puppies are first born. Your puppy will grow rapidly during his first week to ten days. In fact, he may even double his birth weight! He’ll look plumper and stronger, too. And his face will look just a little more ‘dog’ like, as you can see below. A puppy’s eyes don’t open suddenly, it is a gradual process. And usually begins during the second week of life.

Just resting

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