Five Weeks Old

This is our first opportunity to visit Cooperslane Kennels and meet Cocoa, his parents (Monroe and Baci), and his littermates.

By five weeks old, the mother dog, Baci, is spending more time away from her puppies. The puppies are now eating solid food several times a day and are being weaned off their dependency on her milk.

When the mother returns, the puppies will still suckle ravenously, and she will now often feed them standing up and for only a short time. She will be teaching the puppies not to bite hard.

This is a crucial moment in the development of the puppies relationships with people. They will be spending more time with humans and learning how to identify the sounds and sights of a family environment.

From now on, puppies must be brought into a home environment regularly to ensure they develop into confident, friendly dogs. They are now in the kennel and have a chance to exercise outdoors. They are also meeting their new forever families and developing their personalities.

Take me home!

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