Seven Weeks Old – Coming Home

The 7th week, for most puppies, is the final one with their brothers and sisters. All that remains is for plenty of great socialization experiences to be packed into this week, with final checks on health.

Many breeders will arrange for each seven-week-old puppy to have a vet check this week. And though some vets advise against it, some puppies are also given their first vaccinations before they leave for their new homes.

Some breeders will now have the puppies trained to pee and poop on puppy pads or newspaper. And some will have been whistling to the puppies at meal times to get them used to coming to a human signal.

As the week draws to a close, many puppies will leave for their new homes. By the end of this week, most puppies will leave their mother for good.

I’ll miss you

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