Eight Weeks – Welcome Home

This is the first week in his new home. We brought him home on Friday, and he is settling in well. Potty training is now underway and puppy socialization plans are being made. As soon as he is old enough (twelve weeks), Cocoa will be enrolling in the series of training classes at PetSmart.

Cocoa had his first vaccination while at Cooperslane Kennels. We have scheduled his initial visit to the Vet for next week, and he will be getting his follow-up vaccinations. The vet will also give him a thorough checkup.

It’s an exciting time for puppy development stages! But there will be some settling in challenges for us as new puppy owners. Cocoa is adjusting to life without mother and siblings. He has taken to his crate for naps and overnight sleeping. He also has found several “caves” around the house where he can sneak away for some quiet time.

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