Ten Weeks—Broadening Horizons

Training starts with simple things. They include the ability to gain and hold Cocoa’s attention. And his ability to offer and sustain it. Even when those pesky distractions are involved.

We first taught Cocoa to pay attention before we taught him to sit! It’s crucial to secure this attention and focus from him to build a new and better relationship together. One which will enable us to succeed.

We are also gradually expanding his horizons, introducing him first to the backyard (fenced) and then the front yard (on a leash). After this, there are short walks up and down the street as his confidence grows.

He has met a ‘cousin’ also from Cooperslane Kennels, who lives just up the street from us. They get along well, despite the age and size difference.

We have an essential job now, building on what has been achieved so far, and introducing Cocoa to the world at ground level. This part of his education can begin once his vaccination coverage is complete.

Cocoa’s formal training is set to begin at the end of this month (he will be twelve weeks old). He had his first visit to the vet, arranged his followup vaccinations and flea/tick medication. He was eager to interact with the staff and was reluctant to leave. We assured him he will be going back. It is important to introduce Cocoa to as many new people, things, and experiences as possible throughout this puppy development stage.

3 months is the point at which the window for socializing a puppy – making sure he grows up confident and friendly – closes. But, that does not mean socialization can stop. Puppies who are isolated at this point will soon lose that friendly fearlessness.

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