Graduation Day – PetSmart Puppy Training Program

Today was the final day of Cocoa’s Puppy Training course at PetSmart.

The PetSmart Training program focuses on positive reinforcement techniques. The course is fun and effective for both us and Cocoa. They also teach us about how Cocoa learns and communicates. This helps us work on training outside the classroom. They know it is crucial to integrate training into our daily lives.

Throughout the class, Marissa, our instructor, used both the Pet Training area and the store aisles to simulate real-life experiences. This training, combined with practice at home, helps Cocoa achieve consistent behaviours regardless of the surroundings.

We will be returning in January for the Intermediate course. It is important to keep Cocoa’s training (and ours) consistent and ongoing. My High School principal always told us, “You can never say ‘I don’t have any homework’, there is always review.”

Instructor Marissa with classmates Chewie and Finnegan
After an exciting day

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